How to hire

Post a job and hire a talent with ease

Skilled and expert freelancers are just a click away. Find the right freelancer for the job from our pool of the best of the best freelance talent from all across the world. Not only that, but also run your projects precisely the way you want to on our cost-effective and safe platform. So, what are you waiting for?
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Adding a new project

Now, it's as easy as A,B,C. All you have to do is click “Add project” and fill in details regarding your project such as its title, your budget, what kind of skill are you looking for, and a short description of the work you are seeking for, and Voila! You are done!

Invite proficient freelancers

We have a pool of highly skilled freelancers that deliver meticulous work. You can easily search and invite a proficient freelancer that fits your requirement to get the job done

User-friendly Dashboard

Tracking the progress of your various projects and freelancers can be a pain in the neck.
This is why UpForHiring has a user friendly dashboard that gives the overview of all of your projects statuses in a jiffy. With this, you can easily track your project status and freelancer's performance. From what phase it is into to when it is due, the dashboard covers it all and presents each and everything in one place for more efficiency.

Manage projects

Managing myriads projects has never been this easy.
Be it a single project or multiple projects, the overview is presented in a single click. All you have to do is click on the tab, where all your projects are shown in a detailed manner along with their progress. This feature let's you track your project status with ease.

Share files

Sometimes, certain projects need the exchange of files which gets buriedburried in long conversations and pulling out a specific file can be dreading, therefore we have a feature that not only let's you share but saves your files simultaneously.

Shortlist right candidates

Once you upload a project you get pitches from a number of freelancers. You can shortlist the right candidate by viewing their profiles and proposals.

Private freelancer interaction

Now, you can chat whenever you want, all just a click away. Not sure if the candidate fits the bill? Just use our chat option to initiate a conversation with them prior to hiring. You can also use this feature for regular discussions and exchange of data with your freelancer.